Make an App for Your Business Estie Rand – Pt 2

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Did you know that the same product in a different city or state will have a different formulation? State and Rural regulations are different and companies tailor their products to their customers and this is all software based. Join us today as Calvin Brown shares with us secrets on software and tech solutions and much more.

My Guest: Calvin Brown

Calvin Brown is a tech founder with experience managing global teams and multi-million dollar software deliverables. His software architecture background, coding capabilities, and keen understanding of the entire process help inform his mindful but competitive approach. Calvin is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of the technical challenges businesses face across all industries. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on his hands-on technical foundation by architecting, building, and teaching others how to master the art of making complex technical issues solvable. In 2017, Calvin’s love for giving back inspired him to create a community that offers free technical training. Today, the growing tech group of nearly 1,000 professional black coders provides access to the strategies and techniques used to build lots of the software we all use daily. Understanding the intricate dance between software developers and business owners, Calvin wrote a book to help entrepreneurs bring their app-related visions to life through effectively communicating with developers without necessarily knowing the technical language. He also contributes to technology-focused magazines, selflessly spreading knowledge and resources to empower others

Pivotal Moments:

· Calvin thought he wanted to fix computers, He never had computer in his youth.

· During a yearly meet up with family from all over one of his relatives invited him to join them with their software company and that is how his life began with computers.

· Lots of businesses have the challenge of how to connect with their customers.


Always look to automate things, the pain point that one thing that your procrastinate doing every day somebody else has the same issue look to replace this either have someone else do it or get a software.

Not every business needs an app. An app is automation for something your business already does. It won’t bring you new clients. It enables you to manage the clients that you have in a manageable way. The app is to enhance, not to bring business.


How you start is how you finish

To learn more about his consulting firm, please visit his website at: Kairu Consulting